Heat causes fish die-off in Oregon – 07/20/2007

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    Officials Cite Heat As Cause Of Fish Deaths
    By Rob Manning

    What is causing the water temperature to rise so high and so suddenly? IMO man-made intervention in the form of HAARP and weather modification operations. –MC

    PORTLAND, OR 2007-07-20 State biologists are concluding that the intense heat earlier this month killed as many as half the migrating spring Chinook in the John Day River. Rob Manning reports.

    118 salmon carcasses were found in the middle fork of the John Day River in recent weeks. Biologists say they died during a temperature spike in the first week of July when the river was at least ten degrees hotter than what’s safe for salmon.

    Jim Ruzycki, with Oregon Fish and Wildlife, says the die-off of between one-third and one-half the salmon run is unprecedented.

    Jim Ruzycki: “Each year, we typically see a few fish die, and we have seen up to 40 or 50 die in the past, but never to this amount.”

    John Day Chinook are not federally protected. Ruzycki says the worst is probably over for the salmon, though river temperatures are still higher than ideal.

    The John Day report comes a little over a week before Congressional hearings on what role the White House played in the fish die off five years ago in the Klamath basin.

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