Heat and drought killing Yellowstone trout – 07/20/2007

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    Heat Causes Yellowstone Fish Kill
    Unusually high temperatures are killing off Yellowstone’s prized native trout populations.

    Weather modification operations are causing drought country-wide –MC

    The situation in Yellowstone National Park is becoming a real concern to par biologists who are finding hundreds of dead trout on a daily basis. The fish kill is being caused by extreme temperatures and drought like conditions which are heating up the normally cool water flows and decreasing water levels to a historic low.

    One of the hardest hit streams has been Pelican creek which feeds into Yellowstone lake. Firehole River is also being hit hard, Friday several hundred rainbow and brown trout were found dead along the river and yet again on Monday hundreds more trout were found dead.

    As of right now officials are asking trout anglers to stop fishing the effected water systems at lower elevations during the afternoon hours, when soring heat leaves trout more vulnerable to stress. It wont do much but it is about all anyone can do at this point to prevent more harm than what mother nature is already inflicting on the trout of Yellowstone National Park.

    If conditions continue there could be some very serious, long lasting effects to trout populations in the region.


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