HAARP Animal Deaths on New Year’s Eve, 2012? – 01/01/2012

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    HAARP Animal Deaths on New Year’s Eve, 2012?
    Did they play the HAARP New Years Eve?
    Skrevet af: Søren Dreier

    This is just a quick glance at New Years Eve :

    Norway :

    Overnight, the beach was full of dead herring
    Thousands of dead herring have been discovered washed up on a north Norwegian beach – prompting Doomsday predictors to hail it as another sign the world is set to end. More than 20 tonnes of the fish is currently carpeting the beach of Kvaenes, in Nordreisa, with experts views differing on how they have come to be there. One thing is for sure, it will provide welcome ammunition to those believing the Mayan prophecy that 2012 will bring the end of Earth. Jan-Petter Jorgensen, 44, was walking with his dog Molly when he found the stinky haul.
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    Denmark :
    Birds Flock crashed to the ground dead in the woods
    At least twice within the last four or five years, Denmark has experienced the dead bird flocks in style with the mysterious mass deaths New Year’s Eve in the U.S..
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    Arkansas :
    Thousands of dead birds and fish in Arkansas leave many scratching heads
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    And what have we here :
    Japan hit by strong earthquake just hours after celebrating the New Year
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    Coincidence ?

    Source: http://zen-haven.dk/did-they-play-haarp-new-years-eve/

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