Geese die-off in Georgia – 07/15/2005

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    These animal deaths are continuing, and with greater frequency. NO
    media is connecting the stories, which I’m sure does not surprise
    any of us.
    These are extremely ‘telling’ indicators of something seriously
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    State Investigating Mysterious Deaths Of Brunswick Geese
    POSTED: 10:38 am EDT July 14, 2005
    BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Geese droppings make a mess, but geese dropping
    dead make a mystery. The Department of Natural Resources is
    investigating the mysterious deaths of at least 16 geese at one
    Brunswick subdivision.

    “It’s something terrible,” resident Tammy Bechtold said. “Their
    heads jerk (and they) can’t walk straight. Most are dying in the

    At first glance, the gaggle of geese currently roaming the pond look
    healthy, but so did 16 others before something odd happened.
    Bechtold was the first person in the Brunswick development to notice
    the problem when she found two dead geese.

    “They had babies, and babies were chirping or crying, wanting their
    parents,” she said.

    But it wasn’t until the next day when six more geese died — and
    seven more the day after — that she started to pay attention. A few
    residents told Channel 4’s Scott Johnson that the geese are an
    annoyance and that somebody might be killing them intentionally,
    which is why the state of Georgia is now investigating.
    “It’s something I haven’t seen before,” wildlife biologist David
    Mixon said. “I don’t know what’s killing them.”
    Mixon sent four of the dead geese to the University of Georgia for
    testing. He said it is bizarre that whatever is causing the geese to
    die is not affecting other animals in the development.

    “There’s also domestic geese and ducks, and they’re not exhibiting
    any mortality,” Mixon said.

    Neighbors are now anxiously waiting for the lab results to find an
    answer to this mystery.

    “A lot of us are animal lovers and we’re worried the rest will die,”
    Bechtold said. “They’re dropping like flies.”

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