Fish virus like morgellons – 07/28/2006

  • November 25, 2013 at 1:03 am #1253

    from Kimi Hurst:

    I came across this microbe in a book I’m reading: pfisteria piscicida – I am very surprised at the similarities in symptoms with Morgellons. There are lesions, brain fog, fatigue and this thing can mutate into 24 forms. In the book I am reading one of the places it spawned from are COFA (hog farms that are now corporate, instead of small farmers). Apparently there over 850,000 hogs on one “farm” and the waste produced is as much as New York City. Problem: there are sewage treatment plants for NYC – and not one for COFAs. They build lagoons which overflow and they have been known to spray it into the air. I think it warrants looking into.
    Golden Rule – Kimi

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