Fish kills in Colorado, B.C., and Pennsylvania – 08/22/2005

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    WHAT IS REMOVING OXYGEN FROM THE WATERS? Chemtrail chemicals? Or is someone spraying to remove every living thing from this planet? When you wipe out huge pieces of the ‘food chain’, you are in effect giving ALL living species on this planet a ‘death sentence’. Please don’t tell me this is so somebody can ‘patent’ fish and sell us that part of our diet as well. (They have recently requested a patent on pigs and we know they are attempting to make owning natural seeds a crime) Cause there won’t be anybody left to buy the products.
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    Look at the pic on this link
    From the sky, a sea of white is covering the mouth of the Colorado River. Upon closer look, you´ll see dead fish – millions of them.
    “Unbelievable if you haven´t seen it before,” said Matagorda County Commissioner George Deshotel.
    The stunning images of devastation run for miles. It´s one of the largest fish kills people in the town of Matagorda have seen in years.

    Warm waters blamed for disappearance of sockeye News Staff
    In the few places on the B.C. coast where sockeye salmon fishing is allowed, boats are coming back to port empty or near-empty this summer, as the annual sockeye run has so far failed to materialize.

    The Skeena sockeye run, initially forecast to be 1.2 million fish, has been about half that number. There are also low numbers on the Fraser and Nass Rivers.

    On the Fraser River, 11 million salmon were predicted to return, but the peak last weekend saw about 100,000 fish.
    Because of the crisis, the commercial fishery has yet to open and the native fishery has been restricted.
    Fish kill merits top priority
    Tuesday, August 09, 2005
    It should be unsettling to more than just anglers that unusual numbers of young smallmouth bass are being found dead in sections of the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers.

    Specifically, biologists and anglers are finding large numbers of dying or dead fish with skin lesions downstream from Lewistown in the Juniata and downstream from Sunbury to below Harrisburg in the Susquehanna.

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