Fish kill in West Palm Beach – 09/24/2004

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    Hi All,
    This comes from Sigrid in WPB FL.

    I don’t think the fishermen need to worry about eating the fish and
    getting “infected with something”.

    What they do need to do is look up in the sky, and ask themselves
    what the heck is going on with all the contrail (ha) that spread out
    into a white mass from horizon to horizon.

    Just breathing might get them infected with a whole lot more than
    they can imagine.

    Below is an excerpt from news channel 12 out of West Palm Beach FL.
    More to follow from the Palm Beach Post.

    News Channal 12 West Palm Beach FL:

    Biologists are trying to figure out what’s behind a major fish kill
    in the creeks south of Hutchinson Island.

    Fish and Wildlife Experts say it looks like all species of fish are
    dying. It could be from a number of reasons, ranging from too much
    rain or heat to an algae bloom.

    Biologists have taken samples of the water and the fish. They’re
    being sent to the Fish and Wildlife lab in St Petersburg.
    In the meantime, local fisherman worry.

    “I’m not going to take them home to eat them, because I don’t know
    what’s killing them and I don’t want to get infected from
    something,” local fisherman Walter Voltz said.

    We’re told it could take up to a few days for lab results to come

    Biologists say they monitor the fish populations to ensure the
    fishing industry isn’t hurt.

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