Fish kill in Washington river – 07/30/2004

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    Friday, 30 July 2004

    The Department of Environment says fish deaths in the Greenough
    River, south of Geraldton, may have been caused by a disease.

    More than 150 mullet have died in the river in the past two weeks.

    The Department of Environment’s fish kill spokesman, Tom Rose, says
    tests are being conducted to determine the cause of the deaths, and
    there is concern that a known fish-killing algae is in the water.

    But he says disease may also have caused the deaths.

    “In the fish they looked like they had died of a number of stress
    causes, their gills were a bit ragged, they hadn’t been feeding, and
    it looked like they’d had some parasitic infections, and they looked
    like they’d had bacterial infections as well,” he said.

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