Fish Kill in North Carolina – 07/20/2007

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    Fish kill discovered in Neuse River

    A staff report
    Sun Journal
    July 20, 2007 – 8:24PM
    More than 6,000 fish were found dead Friday in the Neuse River at Carolina Pines. The Neuse River Rapid Response Team investigated the kill, which extended nearly a mile.

    The dead fish included multiple species such as spot, croaker, menhaden, silver perch, trout, flounder and needlefish.

    Team members estimate the total number of fish dead at 6,666. None of the
    fish observed in the fish kill had lesions, and the event appeared to be around 12-hours-old.

    The fish kill appears to coincide directly with the drop a dissolved oxygen, and rise in salinity at the surface. Response Team staff members were able to observe this drop in dissolved oxygen levels in the area using data monitors at channel marker 11.

    These are maintained and operated by the state Division of Water Quality and U.S. Geological Survey and they can be viewed online.

    The monitoring platforms allowed for continuously updated data for the Neuse estuary before and during the fish kill.

    Conditions at the time of investigation appeared to have returned to normal and several fish species were swimming in area, according to the Response Team.

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