Fish kill in No.Carolina – 07/24/2005

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    About 40,000 dead following fish kills in the Neuse River
    July 23,2005

    Ken Buday
    Sun Journal Staff
    Two fish kills within the past couple of days have resulted in about
    40,000 dead fish in the Neuse River near Flanner’s Beach, according
    to the Division of Water Quality.

    The first kill started on Wednesday and was in the middle of the
    river, said Susan Massengale, spokesman for DWQ. She said 21,000
    fish, mostly juvenile menhaden in the two- to three-inch range, were

    A second kill, closer to shore, began on Thursday and totaled about
    20,000 fish. Massengale said about 90 percent were menhaden but
    mentioned a few blue crabs, spot and perch also died.

    “Menhaden are not the sturdiest of fish,” Massengale said. “They tend
    to be the canaries in the coal mine.”

    These are the first reported Neuse fish kills of the summer, which is
    when most of the fish kills occur on the river.

    Massengale said samples and data from the river indicate a layer of
    low oxygen about 10 feet below the surface may have caused the kill.

    “There’s basically no oxygen for the fish,” she said. “It’s been very
    hot, and we’re still seeing low oxygen levels.”

    She said the Neuse is a nutrient sensitive river with development,
    wastewater systems, animal operations and fertilizers used on lawns
    contributing to its problems.

    “It’s under a lot of pressure,” she said.

    She advised residents not to swim in areas of dead fish because of
    bacteria that can be produced from the fish.

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    Fish kill reports
    To report a fish kill, call the Neuse River Rapid Response Team at 514-4748.

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