Fish kill in Chandler, AZ – 03/31/2004

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    By Angela D. Wagner, Tribune
    The heat is being blamed for thousands of fish dying last week in the
    Ocotillo residential development in south Chandler, as well as in
    other Valley lakes.

    Ocotillo residents first noticed dead fish along the edges of several
    lakes March 23.

    “The odor was horrible,” said resident John Virgona. “Our concern is
    that these little silver fish were stocked to deal with the
    mosquitoes and bugs.”

    Kevin Scott of Premiere Management Co., which oversees Ocotillo’s
    lake system, said the fish suffocated. He said the Valley’s sudden
    leap in temperature caused the problem.

    “As the water temperature increased, the microbes reproduced at an
    exponential rate, and they sucked up all of the oxygen in the water,”
    Scott said. “We have state-of-the-art aeration equipment that was
    installed when the lakes were built two years ago, but you cannot
    beat Mother Nature.”

    Scott said the lakes will be restocked, but he didn’t know when. He
    said the area will be sprayed for bugs in the first two weeks of
    April. Residents will not be assessed for expenses associated with
    the fish kill.

    Rick Amalfi of Aquatic Consulting and Testing in Tempe, said he has
    received six reports in the last week of fish kills Valleywide,
    including Ocotillo.

    “What people have to realize is that algae produces oxygen during the
    day when there is sunlight, and bacteria uses oxygen during the day
    and all night,” Amalfi said. “If not enough oxygen is produced by the
    algae during the day to supply the bacteria during the day and night,
    then the oxygen gets lower and lower.”

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