Fish die-off in Illinois – 06/13/2006

  • November 25, 2013 at 12:38 am #1235

    Hi Guys
    This might be great for commercial fishermen, but the real question
    should be “””What the heck is killing thousands upon thousands of fish
    these past 24 months.

    Jeepers, if it isn’t a “fish Jubalee” (doesn’t that sound nice) where
    they are actually jumping out of the ocean, then thousands are found
    bleeding from the gills, like the ‘croaker fish kill’ of last year.
    Illinois state officials say they are thrilled by the mysterious
    deaths of thousands of invasive Asian carp in the Illinois River last

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife experts are examining the fish to determine the
    cause of the kill that occurred along a 110-mile stretch of the river.
    Initial speculation centers on a viral infection.

    “You could damn near walk across the river on the fish,” said Glenn
    Neubauer, a chef at a Peru, Ill., restaurant. “We counted 100 and it
    wasn’t even an hour.”

    The carp would threaten commercial and sport fishing in the Great
    Lakes if they spread into Lake Michigan, the Sun-Times said.

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