Fish die-off in Georgia – 06/17/2005

  • October 23, 2013 at 2:42 am #709

    Hello SAD group. This is my first post here. I do recognize some S/N
    here, so I;m sure you will recognize mine.

    Anyway………….Long Story Short…………..

    I was at a friends house 30 miles south of Atlanta,GA. 70 miles north
    of my location, and had conversation with them on the phone. They are
    in Tampa/St Petersburg Florida. I went to feed animals and check on
    their house.

    As we were talking the subject changed to, So hows the weather and
    fishing down there…All was fine, Except……On Tuesday 14 June 2005
    In the afternoon he witnessed according to him, “Fish washing up on
    the shore’s”. I mentioned the RED TIDE and he said “no warnings of
    any kind were out and he hadn’t witnessed any unusual local activity”.

    I was able to find 1 article on this at this time, Reporting Red tide
    in this area. Long story short, I should have some pictures to submit
    sometime next week. I told him to get as many as he could.


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