Fish and bird deaths from algae – California – 09/02/2005

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    Don’t drink the water! Gosh, maybe it’s just me but I thought that
    would be a ‘no-brainer’
    Hey you all, have a safe and fun long weekend.
    Dead fish abundant in Lake Isabella
    Posted 09/2/05

    BAKERSFIELD – Those planning to swim in Lake Isabella this holiday
    weekend may want to think twice.

    Environmental Health officials issued a warning Friday after a
    significant number of fish and birds were found dead in the lake.
    Health officials said the deaths were caused by a naturally occurring
    blue-green algae, which can also cause serious health problems for

    Officials said if you plan on getting in the lake this weekend, avoid
    swimming near algae and do not drink the lake water. They also suggest
    avoiding dead wildlife

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