ELF sweep beams – 03/25/2007

  • November 27, 2013 at 10:53 pm #1436

    from fonebone:

    Time sensitive post-

    For those affected by ELF / HF radio energy beams here is a picture of one-
    this weather map is refreshed every 1/2 hour so this scan will dissappear
    in an hour or so–But not to worry-It will sweep again tomorrow at the same exact time

    These sweep beams travel clockwise across North America 24/7/365-

    The beam is shaped like a flash-light beam and it’s outline can be discerned
    as the beam boils moisture out of the soil into mists that are captured on the
    SAT/RAD maps as fogs shaped like search-light beams . –Fonebone

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