Drought claims fish in Minnesota – 07/16/2007

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    Drought claims first victims at Hutchinson dam
    Submitted by Doug Hanneman on July 16, 2007 – 10:05am.
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    Droughts are happening all over the USA, IMO due to weather modification operations — MC

    Only a heavy rain storm or a break in a dam could have helped tens of thousands of bullhead and hundreds of carp searching for oxygen this past weekend in the murky, pea-green waters of the Crow River near Hutchinson’s Main Street bridge.

    Hundreds of stressed fish have been unsuccessful in their quest for oxygenated water and have perished in the pool between the concrete dam approximately 100 feet west of the bridge and rock dam 100 feet to the east.

    Their rotting corpses now float in the pool or have washed up onto the rocky shoreline.

    Without a heavy rain, the problem is expected to worsen this week.

    Normally at this time of year, water easily spills or gushes over the dam, where fish are fair game for anglers. But this year’s lack of rain has caused unusually low water levels.

    Downtown business owner Woody Lamprecht, who walks by the dam every morning, was among those who were amazed by the sheer number of fish swimming near the surface last Friday. Lamprecht said he hoped the city or state Department of Natural Resources would open the dam’s gates to help the fish.

    But manipulating the dam to provide flow could create more problems, according to DNR hydrologist Rob Collett. A sudden rise in flow could encourage more fish to come to the dam and eventually the supply of water for them would end with an even larger fish kill, he said.

    “We’re hopeful that the fish will make it downstream,” Collett said.

    But downstream has been difficult to reach. Low water levels have made navigation through the rock dam east of the bridge almost impossible. By mid-day Sunday, the dam was littered with the carcasses of carp, bullhead and walleye trying to find a pathway through the rocks.

    Those who watch the river say this is one of the lowest years since 1988. The problem isn’t confined to the Crow River. Collett said he has received calls from many people living on area lakes. In Hutchinson, Otter and Campbell lakes have virtually no water flowing in or out.

    For the full story, see the July 17 Leader.

    (Doug Hanneman is editor of the Hutchinson Leader. He may be reached at hanneman@hutchinsonleader.com)


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