Dove Die-Off in Italy – 01/07/2011

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    Dove Die-Off in Italy
    8000 More Birds Fall From Sky
    Published on January 7, 2011
    By Shepard Ambellas

    The dead bird count continues to rise worldwide with 8000 dead birds falling from the sky in Italy.

    The corrupt corporate media has gone as far as to say that this happens all the time and we have only now realized this occurence due to camera phone technology. (paraphrasing).

    Could severe weather be to blame? The story below says it could be from a lack of oxygen. If this proves to be true, what is causing this lack of oxygen?

    AOL News
    Now It’s Dead Doves Falling From Sky in Italy

    Thousands of dead turtle doves, many of which had a “strange” blue stain inside their beaks, have crashed from the sky in Italy. They’re the latest in a puzzling spate of birds, fish and other animals dying under mysterious circumstances around the world.

    Residents of Faenza, Italy, described the fallen doves as lying in heaps on flowerbeds, crushed by machinery on the streets or “horribly hung from trees like Christmas balls,” Italy’s GeaPress reported today.

    Initial testing of about 8,000 of the doves indicate the blue beak stain might be from lack of oxygen or poisoning. More conclusive test results may be available next week.

    Just hours before the dove die-off, scientists in the U.S., Europe and Africa were debunking the conspiracy theories and “Aflockalypse” fears that have swirled around the mass bird and fish deaths in the past two weeks.

    “This is a classic example of freak events coinciding,” Petter Boeckman, a zoologist at the Norwegian Natural History Museum, told Reuters.

    Boeckman echoed other experts who said that big animal die-offs are not uncommon but often occur in rural areas and went largely unreported in the days before cell phone cameras, YouTube and Twitter.

    Italy’s dead doves come not long after 2 million dead fish washed ashore along Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay — and just days after up to 5,000 blackbirds fell out of the sky in a one-mile area near Beebe, Ark., and thousands of drum fish turned up dead along a stretch of an Arkansas river.

    Other animal die-offs in the past two weeks include reports of 40,000 dead crabs washing ashore near Kent, England, hundreds of snapper fish dead in New Zealand, 150 tons of red tilapia dead in Vietnam, 500 jackdaws crashing to their death in Sweden, more than 450 birds falling onto a Louisiana highway and a mass of dead fish in a Florida creek.

    Fireworks, pollution, disease and parasites are some of the official theories behind the strange deaths.

    Federal records indicate mass die-offs happen “on average every other day” in North America, The Associated Press reported.


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