Dolphin deaths on Gulf coast – 11/09/2005

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    Hi All
    Suspecting `red tide’ is fairly lame. One would want to ask
    oneself ; how and why would we be seeing various types of `red tide’
    from coast to coast. Red tide is a generic term for just about any
    algae bloom.

    Here in AZ we experienced `golden algae’ out break in the many lakes
    across the state.

    Croaker Fish deaths by the thousands, gosh, just back into the early
    missives and see for yourselves.

    There is very little doubt, since aerosol spraying began in earnest,
    about Nov 1998, our health, the health of our families and the
    general health of wildlife has suffered greatly.

    I would ask you; why would over 400 Wyoming Elk die from eating
    lichen? The follow-up report stated “toxic lichen” as being the

    AP reports from around the country are disenfranchised from other
    news publications, that’s a given.
    People against chemtrails, phoenix chapter
    Gulf of Mexico dolphin deaths reported

    NAPLES, Fla., Nov. 8 (UPI) — Scientists concerned by bottlenose
    dolphin deaths in the Gulf of Mexico have reportedly asked for the
    marine mammal equivalent of a disaster declaration.
    A 12-member working group of scientists voted Monday to recommend
    the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration add the dolphin
    deaths to an “unusual mortality event” the group declared in March
    for manatees, the Naples (Fla.) Daily News reported Tuesday.
    The scientists suspect “red tide” is responsible for the deaths and
    NOAA is expected to initiate a study of the microscopic algae
    bloom’s effects on dolphins, manatees, sea turtles and even seabirds

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