Disappearing salmon – 05/14/2005

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    from vicki davis – , ‘http://www.local6.com/food/4480142/detail.html?ontheside=story
    Where Have All The Salmon Gone?

    POSTED: 8:10 am EDT May 12, 2005
    UPDATED: 8:26 am EDT May 12, 2005

    PORTLAND, Ore. — Where did all the salmon go?

    That’s what northwestern fishermen would like to know. Normally by this time in the spring, Chinook salmon would be charging up the Columbia River by the tens of thousands. This year’s spawning frenzy hasn’t happened and environmentalists and government biologists are puzzled.

    Officials have abruptly called a halt to sport and commercial fishing on the Columbia River. The head of the Northwest Sport Fishing Association says the no-show fish could cost the region $10 million.

    Buzz Ramsey, whose company sells salmon lures, says it’s basically “dead in the water.”
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