Deer wasting disease in New York – 06/27/2005

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    I sure hope they have their thinking hats on.
    There have been reports from here in AZ re: this situation as well.
    <<<but we can’t rule anything out at this point,”>>>>
    At least they are willing to say they really don’t know, that is a
    step in the right direction.
    Local farm may be origin of deer disease

    June 25, 2005, 10:19 AM EDT
    UTICA, N.Y. — The first outbreak of chronic wasting disease east of
    Illinois may have started with a taxidermist in Central New York,
    officials from the State Department of Environmental Conservation
    said Friday.

    Officials from the state agency theorize disease-infected animal
    heads were shipped from the west to the farm of John Palmer of
    Westmoreland, who is also a wildlife rehabilitator, said Michael
    Fraser, a spokesman for the DEC.

    Fawns in Palmer’s captive herd may have come into contact with the
    material and contracted the infection before being released into the
    wild, Fraser told the Observer-Dispatch in Utica.

    On March 5, routine testing of Palmer’s captive deer herd uncovered
    the first local cases of chronic wasting disease. Two wild deer that
    later tested positive for the disease may have come from the same
    captive herd.

    It marked the first time the disease was found outside the Midwest
    or Rocky Mountains. CWD affects the brain and central nervous system
    of certain deer and elk and is nearly always fatal.

    There is no evidence that CWD is linked to disease in humans or
    domestic livestock other than deer or elk. While the disease is
    highly contagious, scientists don’t know how it is transmitted among

    U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer has said CWD could cost New York state up
    to $107 million if it impacts deer hunting like it did in Wisconsin.

    Palmer could not be reached Friday.

    “We’re not ready to say it definitely came from one of the farms,
    but we can’t rule anything out at this point,” Fraser said. “We know
    Palmer is a taxidermist who brought in material from a CWD state and
    that he’s also a wildlife rehabilitator, and we know for a fact that
    deer were released from that farm. It’s a probable scenario, but
    it’s premature to say so with 100 percent certainty.”

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