Dead mussels in Louisiana – 06/22/2005

  • October 23, 2013 at 3:10 am #726
    Advocate staff writer

    The remains of freshwater mussels rest along the north bank of
    Capitol Lake on Monday after washing ashore by the hundreds. State
    environmental and wildlife officials are investigating the cause of
    the mussel kill.
    Half-opened shells line the edge of Capitol Lake, all that remains of
    the thousands of freshwater mussels after something killed them last
    Mark Lawson, biologist manager with the state Department of Wildlife
    and Fisheries, said he believes the mussels died around June 13.

    “I checked it out on June 14 and I didn’t see any live ones then,”
    Lawson said.

    Lawson said other aquatic life didn’t seem to be affected when he
    went to look at the area on June 14.

    In fact, he said, the fish were feeding on the opened mussels.

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