Dead geese in Wisconsin 4/15/2005

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    Statesman Journal

    April 15, 2005

    Investigators with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are studying
    whether geese found dead in and around Keizer earlier this year were

    Federal authorities took over the investigation about one month ago
    after the state Department of Fish and Wildlife was unable to
    determine the source of what killed about 150 cackling Canada geese
    at a private pond off Wheatland Road.

    The birds were found dead in February at a pond owned by Morse Bros.
    rock products. Water tests from the pond determined that it was not
    the cause of birds’ deaths.

    Joan Jewitt, a spokeswoman for the federal agency, said that
    investigators are looking at possible connections to several other
    geese deaths in the Mid-Willamette Valley. Those deaths included
    birds found at the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge near
    Corvallis, Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge near Dallas and
    Staats Lake in Keizer.

    Only cackling Canada geese, a small subspecies of Canada geese, have
    been affected in each of these cases. The birds are either found
    floating dead in the water or lying on their stomachs on dry ground
    with wings flared out. Before dying, many seemed to suffer
    convulsions, witnesses have said.

    Tests on bird carcasses at a federal laboratory in Madison, Wis., the
    National Wildlife Health Center, have ruled out natural causes and
    all possible diseases, such as avian influenza or West Nile virus,
    Jewitt said.

    Investigators now are looking at unnatural causes, such as poison,
    she said. The dead birds were sent last week to laboratories in
    Michigan for toxicology tests, she said.

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