Dead fish on Jersey shore – 08/05/2010

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    Dead fish on Jersey shore
    WATCH: Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore AGAIN, This Time On Jersey Shore

    NBC Philadelphia reports that tens of thousands of dead menhaden fish washed ashore Wednesday on a New Jersey beach along Delaware Bay.

    The incident is strikingly similar to an occurrence from Monday, when thousands of dead menhaden also washed ashore over 200 miles away in Fairhaven, MA (see video HERE).

    N.J. Department of Environmental Protection officials say initial tests show no signs of toxic phytoplankton, like red tide, in the water, and they are still examining oxygen levels. Fisheries in Massachusetts alleged low oxygen from warm waters was the cause of the mass kill in Fairhaven, according to CNN.

    Strangest of all, seagulls aren’t going near what would normally appear to be a free lunch for the area’s birds.

    Watch video at source article


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