Dead birds in Oregon – 07/31/2005

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    Scientists Blame Unseasonable Weather

    NEWPORT, Ore. — About 70 adult common murres have been found dead on
    a beach near Newport this week, and scientists expect that more dead
    birds will follow.
    Researchers say unseasonable weather patterns are to blame for the
    unusually large number of deaths among adult breeders.

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife says the die-off is likely the result of
    stress due to a lack of food associated with unusually low oceanic
    productivity along the West Coast.

    Usually, the coast gets strong winds from the northwest in the
    summertime, bringing cooler, nutrient-rich water up to the surface of
    the water. And this causes plankton to bloom.

    Fish then feed on the plankton, and birds feed on the fish. But
    experts say the winds were calm this year, leaving the ocean, “pretty

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