Dead birds in Key Largo, FLA – 03/16/2004

  • September 30, 2013 at 3:00 am #365

    I’m a landscaper here in the upper Florida Keys so I’m outside
    everyday and always having my eyes towards the skies. We have been
    getting blasted here in the Florida Keys and mainland south Florida
    with chemtrails. The air has smelled strongly of chemicals on
    several occasions.

    My spouse and I had been sick and out of work since the end of
    January after heavy chem spraying. We had finally returned to work
    late last week.

    As I was cleaning a yard today I spotted two dead birds laying in
    the pea gravel yard. One bird was a dove and the other was a Gold
    finch. I knew it had been due to the chem trails and crap they are
    spraying in the air.. I proceeded to go to the next clients yard
    which was catty corner from the yard with the two dead birds. As I
    was cleaning the pea gravel in that yard I found a dead Dove. That’s
    a total of 3 dead birds within 500 feet and two seperate yards.

    Cowboy, Key Largo, Fl

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