Croaker die-offs in Florida and Virginia – 09/24/2004

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    Hi All
    This ties in perfectly with the previous posts from Sigrid and from
    Rocky regarding the massive croaker (fish) die-offs. They are
    croaking from South Florida to the coast of Virgina.

    I don’t know what can make thousands of fish bleed from their gills.
    I know it ain’t natural.
    I’m have trouble moving the actual url as sent from News Channel 12
    in West Palm Beach via Sigrid.

    Fish floating dead in the water
    Written By : Associate Producer
    September 11, 2004 – 11:05PM

    Biologists try to determine what is killing hundreds of fish in the
    North Fork of the St Lucie River.

    Residents say the smell is unbearable, and they’re finding all
    different kinds of rare fish washed up dead.

    The Department of Environmental Protection says it will test the
    water to see if boats, destroyed during the hurricane, leaked fuel
    possibly polluting the water and poisoning the fish. Another
    possible cause is an algae like bloom that killed tens of thousands
    of fish in Fort Pierce and could have blown South during the storm.
    So far this is the only area in Martin County reporting widespread
    fish kills since the hurricane. The city of Port St. Lucie is also
    experiencing fish kills in the C-24 Canal.

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