Crappies in Minnesota – 07/02/2005

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    Associated Press
    July 1, 2005 CRAPPIES0702
    WASECA, Minn. -— The fish kill that left tens of thousands of black
    crappies dead in Clear Lake in southern Minnesota appears to be over.

    Pathology tests show the crappies suffocated, but the DNR hasn’t
    determined what caused them to suffocate.

    Columnaris bacteria, a common bacteria found in shallow lakes in the
    summer, was detected in the fish, but scientists say that appears to
    be a secondary ailment. Columnaris is usually only blamed for the
    deaths of a few hundred fish.

    DNR fisheries supervisor Todd Kolander says between 50,000 and
    100,000 fish, or maybe more, died in Clear Lake. Officials estimate
    Clear Lake could have one million black crappies.

    Pathology labs will run more tests to find a more specific cause for
    the die-off.

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