Cows die from drinking algae-poisoned water – 09/14/2007

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    Cows die from drinking algae-poisoned water
    Note: The geo-engineers want to promote algae bloom as a “carbon sink” to “fight global warming” –MC

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    Date: 14 Sep 2007
    Source: Great Falls Tribune online [edited]

    A total of 9 cows died after drinking from a popular recreational
    lake east of Butte, MT, some after walking just a few feet away from
    the water, prompting a warning for people to stay out of Delmoe Lake.
    A witness reported watching 2 cows drink water from the lake, then
    walk a few feet before falling over dead, said Terry Sexton,
    Whitehall district ranger for the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest.

    Officials suspect the cause could have been a blue-green algae bloom
    and are warning people to stay out of the lake.

    “Don’t drink the water, don’t get in the water,” Sexton said Wednesday.

    Forest Service officials are posting signs warning people to stay
    away from the lake, said Jack de Golia, Beaverhead-Deerlodge spokesman.

    Blue-green algae, when in the bloom growth phase, can produce a
    cyanotoxin that is incredibly lethal, said Dr. Joe Hartley, a large
    animal veterinarian in Dillon.

    De Golia said officials suspect the wind blew the algae to the shore.
    The Forest Service doesn’t plan to test the water because the results
    would likely take a while to come back, de Golia said. The suspected
    algae is killed by a hard frost, so officials are hoping to get a
    cold night to take care of the problem. “Certainly we can’t
    chlorinate the lake,” he said. “We’re just going to keep people away
    from it until the cold weather sets in.”

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