Conservation alliance – “smart growth” – 07/08/2005

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    from vicki davis:

    The following is an email I sent to a person involved in protecting property rights. Below that is an email that I received from the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. What they are proposing is incongrous. Coincidently, I’ve been researching the UN sustainable growth aka ‘smart growth’ movement. They are working in stealth mode to change laws to allow for central planning of our land use. The light bulb went on with me.

    I’ll follow this email with a few emails that I’ve sent out in the last few days on ‘smart growth’.

    Anyway… I do intend to be at that meeting armed with my news stories on the various bogus reasons for the Elk and deer die-offs. If anybody in these groups can make it to this meeting with me, it would awesome. If I’m right (and I do believe I am) – and these people are UN NGO’s we need to stop them. Their agenda is not to save animals or protect habitat. Their agenda is to dictate land use including a pack ’em and stack ’em plan for relocating people.

    Subject: Conservation Alliance
    Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 18:32:24 -0600

    I received this notice of a public meeting regarding elk feeding grounds in Yellowstone. This distresses me greatly so I did a search on ‘Conservation Alliance’ because it sounds like ‘Smart Growth’. Sure enough, there are about a million ‘Conservation Alliances’ on the internet many of them mention ‘grants’ and international partnerships, etc. so I’m sure these are sustainable growth NGO’s.

    About Brucellosis and CWD –

    Over a year ago, a group of us in a Yahoo group began noticing that birds, fish and animals were dying off in very large numbers. The reasons given always seemed to be bogus. So we started a yahoo group and we’ve kept copies of the stories we find. We call it the SAD group – acronym for StrangeAnimalDeaths.

    This didn’t occur to me until I received this email but my 2+2 = says that these people are killing off the birds, animals and fish so that they can manipulate the public into their sustainable growth agenda.

    I think this is a very important meeting to attend and I intend to be there. I’m going to also ask others if they can make it so that I’ll have allies there.

    I just wanted you to be aware of it too because I’d bet anything that this will set a precedent.

    Vicky Davis

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