Chemtrails and disappearance of species – 04/15/2007

  • November 28, 2013 at 12:00 am #1477

    from caraway

    “This winter was obvious that parts of US had a winter with snow
    which was artificially generated to protect local environment by
    weather control, on the expense of the rest of the world.

    Owing to the high content of airborne chemtrail dust, air humidity is
    very low (50%) even in this area (Croatia-Europe) which is, after the

    Finland, the richest part of the world with sweet water flows and has
    substantial sea area.

    Considering that now is ascertained that airborne fungus, which
    thrives thanx to constant high air content of airborne chemtrails
    particulates (aluminium oxide, titanium oxide, barium hydroxide,
    mycoplasma and nanobots broadcasting polymer microstrands, etc.) is
    the cause of most migrating birds deaths, it is not far-fetched to
    propose that bees have the same problem, even if they are not
    particularly targeted, because they operate on fresh plant parts
    (flowers) that absorbs barium hydroxide which is main air humidity
    control chemtrail ingredient worldwide, and poison.

    Observing chemtrail spraying operation for many years I cannot but
    conclude that it is now a primary cause of disappearance of species.
    Humans included.”

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