Cattle deaths in England – 03/26/2007

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    from caraway:

    Not many details, but what is there makes me go “Hmmmmmm….”

    Mystery disease kills over 200 cattle

    Friday, 23/03/2007

    More than 200 cattle have died in the western division of New South Wales over the past few months from a mystery disease.

    The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is investigating the yet-unidentified disease.

    Senior regional animal health manager Greg Curran says cattle are displaying a wide range of symptoms.

    “The first animals that are affected usually are calves, they might show things like just being off colour, or there might be a bit of scouring over a couple of days and then, you know, they’ll die quite quickly,” he said.

    “The other symptoms we’ve been seeing I suppose are upper respiratory tract signs or lung signs, or there might be some muck coming out their nose or a bit of froth at their mouth, so it’s been a real mixed bag.”‘

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