Cattle deaths in Cumbria (Australia) – 06/10/2004

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    By The Journal

    The Government is looking into the unexplained death of 21 cattle –
    one in Cumbria – as “a matter of urgency” amid fears there may be a
    mystery virus which could be passed on to humans.

    An investigation was triggered by the death of a milking heifer late
    last year, which died after suffering paralysis over a five to six-
    day period.

    The death of the young cow could not be attributed to any known
    cattle disease and has sparked fears that an unknown condition could
    be in circulation.

    None of the cows in contact with the stricken heifer was found to be
    suffering and remain healthy.

    The death of the cow on a farm in Cumbria was brought to the
    attention of the UK Zoonosis Group at a meeting in April.

    The group discusses diseases and infections which can be transmitted
    between animal and humans.

    After consideration of the heifer’s death and 20 other “similar”
    cases across 13 farms in England over the last 10 years, the issue
    was referred to the Department of Health.

    The Health Protection Agency (HPA) was asked to carry out a risk
    assessment of all 21 deaths as “a matter of urgency which should be
    completed over the next couple of weeks”.

    The Department for Environmental and Rural Affairs (Defra) said
    numerous tests were carried out on the heifer but none proved

    It was initially thought that the cow had botulism but tests were

    Testing on the animal at the Veterinary Laboratory Agency (VLA) in
    Penrith showed microscopy lesions which suggested a viral infection
    in the brain.

    Defra said there was no evidence of a transmissible Bovine Spongiform

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