Cat virus stops humane society – 01/06/2007

  • November 25, 2013 at 2:29 pm #1359

    from rocky:

    Humane Society stops accepting kittens because of virus

    INDIANAPOLIS A recent outbreak of a virus that can kill cats by attacking their immune system has prompted an Indianapolis animal shelter to stop accepting kittens.

    The Humane Society of Indianapolis says the virus _ a sort of feline distemper that damages a cat’s immune system, appeared in several animals dropped off in December at the society’s kennel.

    As a result, the shelter will no longer accept cats younger than 1 year old in an effort to help stop the contagious disease.

    The virus affects mostly young cats that have immune systems that are not fully developed.
    The Humane Society expects to restrict the cats it accepts for the next two weeks and will then assess the number of infected cats and decide on a plan for the future.

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