Cat plague in California – 08/25/2005

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    Honestly, what are people thinking. I am sorry about the cats, but
    I’m more sorry about Bubonic Plague.

    90 Cats Found At Home; Some Likely Infected With Bubonic Plague

    POSTED: 8:22 am EDT August 24, 2005
    UPDATED: 11:53 am EDT August 24, 2005

    Health officials in Kern County, Calif., are concerned that half of
    90 cats found at a home may be infected with Bubonic plague.

    Neighbors said the couple who lived at the house left the animals
    when they moved to Bakersfield, Calif., a few months ago after the
    husband suffered a stroke.

    They said the woman returned about once a week to feed them.
    However, concerned neighbors called animal control when they noticed
    scores of cats were dying.

    When officials investigated, they found 40 dead cats and 50 other
    live cats on the property.

    Several agencies were called to the home to test the animals for
    various diseases, including the plague.

    “There could be diseases infections only to cats and they’re passing
    it amongst each other and dying or it could be a public health issue
    that the cats have something that they can be passed on to humans,”
    Kern County Animal Control Denise Haynes said. “Just as
    precautionary measures we want the public to be informed so they can
    take steps to prevent any possible infection to themselves or

    Bubonic Plague is a potentially fatal disease to humans, cats and
    other mammals. It is spread by bacteria from infected fleas.

    Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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