Bug and Bird Declines in Missouri 06/25/2019

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    Severe Decreases In Bugs, Birds, Animals
    For The Past 7 Years Near Springfield, MO
    From Madra
    Hello Mr Rense…

    I want to add my report from Southern Missouri to your Bugs And Birds Archive.

    We are about 50 miles from Springfield, MO and we have watched a steady decrease in birds, bugs, snakes, frogs, turkeys and deer for the past 7 years. Trees are dying at an alarming rate…trees with roots in the water in springs and creeks. near lakes are dead and dying. Some die from the top down and some look like they got hit with a flame thrower. Green leaves are falling off in huge clumps… like a person undergoing radiation treatments which makes their hair fall out in chunks. The nuts on the black walnut tree are black inside and gooey. There are very few animals and what few there are tend to be young animals. The older animals are dead and dying.

    Birds are literally dropping dead around our bird feeder. We thought it might be the bird seed we buy but i don’t think that’s the case now. My chickens eat the same seed and they are not sick. The wild birds are sick. They sit on the ground and a cat can walk right up to them and they don’t fly away. My cat doesn’t bother them at all as if she knows they are sick and not worth eating. My cat walks right past them. Cardinals, cow birds, black birds, and hummingbirds are found dead. No one is noticing it because the area is thick with trees and brush…and it is hard to notice a dead bird in the grass.

    There are very few fireflies, there are no crickets. no tree frogs and no bullfrogs. I can hear one once in awhile near the creek but it used to be very noisy in the evenings. The song birds are silent. You can sit outside and not hear a single sound. Nothing. ‘They’ have succeeded in creating their ”silent forest’ with their quiet weapons for silent wars. The GeoEngineering aerosol chemical spraying is bad. The saturation level is so high it is killing off everything. Bees are few and far between.

    Look at your windshields and grilles on your cars folks. There are very few bug splats…there’s virtually nothing there anymore. That, alone, should send up alarm bells but sadly no one looks up from their smart phone to notice.

    The turkeys are gone. We used to hear them gobbling in the woods and see them in the early morning hours in fields. No more. Yjr deer are rare to see. Ground hogs are seem walking in circles, clearly confused and often getting hit by cars. They are often seen walking as if they don’t know where they are or what they are doing. I’ve seen deer doing the same thing. (Editor’s note – this is a CLEAR and obvious symptom of mad deer disease)

    Mankind is next! it is working its way up the food chain. The radiation – and the chemicals dropping from the sky from airplane aerosol spraying (chemtrails) is impacting every living thing on the planet. It is taking its toll. I suspect it won’t be but 3 years before all wildlife, birds and insects may be gone at this rate. The die-off rate is exponential…doubling every year.

    Man deserves his fate. Human greed is willfully blind and is following the same people who are killing him and the planet. The animals, plants, fish and birds do not deserve what is happening to them. They are the innocents.


    Source: https://rense.com/general96/severe-decreases-in-bugs-birds-animals-for-the-past-7-years-near-springfield.php

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