Birds gone, dog died – 03/26/2004

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    from yetisledder – 03/26/2004

    Something similar happened to us in Anchorage last summer. Our very
    healthy 14 year old lab, who looked 6 years old and the vet was
    always impressed with her vitality and strong heart, basically was
    totally fine, went outside, she came back inside and could barely
    walk and her nose was all swollen. She had been stung by bees
    before on the nose, since labs of course stick their noses into
    everyting sometimes before looking. She is allergic to beestings
    and we usually give her a benadryl and take her to the vet and they
    give her a stronger antihistamine injection and she is fine. This
    time we go to the vet, she is lethargic and out of it. The vet
    cannot figure out what is wrong, and we don’t know if she had a
    stroke or what. He basically sends us home saying to keep an eye on
    her to see if she gets better or worse. she lived for 3-4 agonizing
    days of us having to help her up, her rear legs did not want to
    work. My wife had to help hold her while she peed, but she did not
    improve. We took her back to the vets and left her. A few hours
    later the vet calls and we go in and the vet tells us she has some
    late stage skin type cancer. This is a shock since she had had a
    few growths here and there and we always had them removed and
    biopsied and they were benign, and she was perfectly healthy the vet
    always reassured us. Well at this point her nose is basically
    peeling off, and swollen and oozing yellow yuck. We took her home
    after the bad news and had her around for a day and had to make the
    decision to put her down. We found a vet that could do it at home
    and we decided to do this. By this time she couldn’t walk more than
    a few feet and we were feeding her bits of food and some water but
    she couldn’t go to the bathroom or get up for more than a minute or
    two. So the vet comes and is amazed at our beautiful and otherwise
    healthy friend with a heart still as strong as an ox, and what is
    the real deal she asks. We had to proceed to put her down and it
    took, no joke, 3-4 minutes for her heart to stop. The vet and
    ourselves have never witnessed an animal being put down that had
    such a strong heart and desire to live. But finally her heart
    stopped, and the vet is like, she would have lived for another 5+
    years if whatever happened to her had not happened. We know others
    in alaska who have had labs well over 20 years and she would have
    been one of them. It had been a wery warm summer, and I have heard
    that they don’t chem spray unless it is over 70 degrees, and though
    we never saw chemtrails, they could have been doing it with the
    solvents I have read about.

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