Birds disappearing from Everglades 3/2004

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    you’re near the everglades and don’t see many birds?
    now that’s weird… I’d expect your region to be the
    winter haven for many of the birds that migrate south
    from here, new england, each year.

    how is your area doing, chemtrailwise? I wouldn’t be
    surprised if they were affecting avian migration/behaviour.

    ..Bill in Boston

    from maureen – 03/14/2004

    hi bill,
    you know you are right!!!!!!!iwe have had chemtrails constantly since june when my eyes were opened to the situation. i know they were going on before that but i wasn’t one of the wise people then. last year i remember seeing thousands of hummingbirds here one week then they were gone. i had never seen them before. then i attributed the lack of birds to the building boom around here. but our area is mostly protected for animals and there are loads of trees and fileds. there are cattle in the field next door. but no birds……so, obviously the chemtrails are killing off our wildlife in more ways than we know. thanks for taking the time to keep my eyes open.


    hi Maureen..
    funny, but I have noticed that a few years
    back, 2000 i think, the frogs that would show
    up in my pool each spring stopped coming.
    I didn’t think it too strange at the time,
    but wasn’t that around the timeframe that the
    chemtrails cropped up?

    this could be a great forum to record unexplained
    animal *disappearances* in our areas.
    thanx for keeping all of our eyes open.

    Bill in Boston

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