Bird flu in No.Europe – 08/21/2005

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    There is some data here re: usa too.
    The media is not giving us even the smallest cumb of information.
    Idiots, there futures are at stake too.
    Be that as it may, I hope this isn’t too much information.
    I think Japan is hoping for the best, but according to the data,
    H5N1 is all over the place in N Europe, even though it hasn’t been
    largely reported in Japan since the late 70’s.
    Best to you all
    (ps, AZ has had some reports of wild bird flu also, not that you see
    much in the news)

    MAP of bird flu in N Europe
    Japan finds new bird flu case on farm near Tokyo
    18 Aug 2005 09:14:23 GMT
    Source: Reuters

    TOKYO, Aug 18 (Reuters) – Japan has found a new case of bird flu in
    a region neighbouring Tokyo, but the strain is unlikely to be the
    virulent type that has been blamed for dozens of deaths in Asia, a
    local government official said on Thursday.

    Several chickens on a farm in Saitama prefecture, west of the
    capital, tested positive for the H5 type of bird flu, but studies
    are still being made to determine the subtype.
    “We will have to wait for the final results to be certain, but it is
    unlikely to be the virulent strain of bird flu,” an official with
    the Saitama prefectural government said.

    He said the strain was likely to be the same as that reported
    earlier this year, which was the weak H5N2 strain.
    Early last year, Japan reported its first outbreak of avian flu in
    79 years when it discovered chickens infected with the virulent H5N1

    That strain first surfaced in poultry in Hong Kong and China eight
    years ago and is known to have killed more than 50 people in
    countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

    In late June, Japan reported a case of the H5N2 strain of bird flu
    in Ibaraki prefecture, northeast of Tokyo.

    Several other farms in the neighbourhood later also reported cases
    of the same strain. Following guidelines, all 98,300 chickens on the
    farm in Saitama will be slaughtered, and restrictions will be placed
    on the movement of eggs and chickens in a 5-kilometre (3.107 miles)
    radius around the farm to prevent the virus from spreading.

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