Bird flu in German martens – 03/09/2006

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    in German martens – from bridget
    Hi Guys
    In trying to locate the trout story from previous missive, this AP
    article popped up.
    Still, I can not say to myself, this speaks volumes to the condition.
    Yet, as individuals, we must not only watch how the weather
    modification programs are impacting all nature, but also make
    informed decisions about our community’s and families health.

    Bird flu found in weasel-like mammal
    Associated Press
    Last updated: 10:06 a.m., Thursday, March 9, 2006

    BERLIN — The H5N1 bird flu virus has been found in a weasel-like
    mammal called a stone marten, a German laboratory said Thursday,
    indicating the disease has spread to another animal species.
    The Friedrich-Loeffler Institute confirmed the presence of the virus
    in the marten, a carnivorous mammal with brown fur and a white
    throat patch. The animal was found sick and apparently dying on the
    island of Ruegen in northern Germany on March 2.
    It was then killed by a government veterinarian, the institute said
    in a statement.

    The deadly strain of bird flu was found in a cat on the same island
    last month, the first time the virus has been identified in an
    animal other than a bird in central Europe. Infected cats have since
    been found in Austria.

    “The presence of an H5N1 infection in a second mammalian species is
    not surprising,” Till Backhaus, the regional minister for
    agriculture, said in a statement. “Cats and martens have a
    comparable prey spectrum.”

    Cats are believed to have caught the virus by eating infected birds

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