Bird Flocks? – 09/26/2004

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    I’m posting from Phoenix AZ. I believe there have been a fairly
    large number of birds found dead in the streets here in Phoenix and
    In Tempe, AZ.

    I don’t have absolute documentation to this effect, but this is what
    I have been hearing from people who have no interest in chemtrails
    or other environmental issues, beyond the most obvious.

    I can report something which I find unusual for this area. In mid-
    July we had a flock of enormously large grackles in the trees around
    our property. These were the largest (and most noisy) crow type
    birds I’ve ever seen here. I can’t imagine where these big guys came
    from and for certain, I never have seen them before.

    My neighbor’s son was trying to use his sling shot to scare them
    away from nests contains baby birds, these huge crow like birds
    we’re in fact eating the small birds. This sounds like a bad sci-fi
    movie, but here it is. Two days later, in my front yard I found the
    leg and talons of what I think may have been either an owl or some
    other large bird of pray. It was just the talons and about two
    inches of leg. I can only think these large grackles had a feast. We
    do have a couple of large owls who frequent our neighborhood at
    night, which is a very sweet sight since we live in the city.

    Usually, one of our dogs’ goes nuts, barking at the sight of these
    wonderful owls. They simply turn their heads in the distinctly owl
    fashion and stare her down.

    Fortunately, I did hear a “hoot” the night before last, so at least
    one of these lovely creatures is still around.

    That is a big long story to answer your question. I will make more
    than a mental note with reference to birds as it may well be a good
    indicator and documentation for the future. I wish I had at least
    thought to photograph the leg and talon in July.
    Nothing’s quite as 20/20 as hind sight.

    Best to all,

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