Bee fungi the same as AIDS fungi – 04/24/2007

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    from caraway –
    “It seems that same fungi have been found in such bees that are found
    in humans whose immune systems have been suppressed by the Acquired
    Immune Deficiency Syndrome (or AIDS) or cancer, as well as several
    unknown micro-organisms.

    The irradiation by gamma rays of some empty bee boxes resulted with a
    return to health for colonies repopulated with Australian bees,
    indicating that partial cause of the illness is some kind of unknown

    A federal laboratory in Raleigh, N.C. will screen bees for chemicals
    that are able to pass through a plant’s circulatory system to it’s
    flowers, where the bees could get in contact with them. In U.S. the
    pesticides from neonicotinoids group, that France banned a while ago,
    are the number-one suspect. Results of this investigation shall be
    available within a month, which is crucial because there are so many
    of our crops that require pollinators.

    Article doe not mention Chemtrail Spraying Operation which contains
    all this elements. Pathogen they are looking for is more then one of
    mycoplasma variants, and BaOH that serves as main airborne moisture
    absorber is one of the most toxic compounds that can be found, even
    for humans. This is that brown powder you find covering your car
    during dry day, and which makes you constantly thirsty. It
    accumulates in human brain.”

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