Fish Die-Off – Sparks, NV – 12/07/2015

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    Fish Are Still Dying At The Sparks Marina
    Updated: Mon 7:03 PM, Dec 07, 2015
    By: Paul Harris – Email

    Wildlife officials believe it is due to low oxygen levels in the water.

    SPARKS, NV– Fish are washing up dead on the shores of the Sparks Marina, particularly trout.

    ”We now know after three years of it happening that we have an oxygen depletion in the water and some of the trout do not survive that.”said Chris Healy, NDOW.

    The Nevada Department Of Wildlife says the lake is not contaminated.

    “Plenty of water tests have been done on the water in the Sparks Marina, it is totally clean,” Healy said.

    When cold water comes up from deep in the water table to the Marina it has little or no oxygen. Trout are more sensitive to oxygen levels than most fish and even though the trout are dying off NDOW says they will continue to stock the lake.

    “We put them in and anglers take them out, fish eating birds take them out,” Healy said.

    NDOW estimates 90% are usually eaten within the first 45 days. One way to solve the problem would be putting in an aeration system but that would be extremely expensive.

    “They are several hundred thousand dollars but it is certainly a long term option,” said Adam Mayberry, City of Sparks.

    Though no timetable for that option has been set.

    “We need to better understand the problem and identify a remedy, that is going to take some time,” Mayberry said.


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