Phoenix Blood Tests Lab Report  -  2011

     Here are the results of tests taken in 2011, with a couple of friends' blood, for barium and aluminum.  The chart is first, followed by
     copies of the test results, with personal and lab identification info redacted, for personal reasons.  The "reference range" or the
     "reporting limit", which we have labeled the "toxic limit", is an estimate by the lab of the proportion of each metal that would be
     considered "normal".  Any amount that exceeds this "normal" reading is considered by the lab to be "high" or "elevated".  This is
     because the lab is just reporting the results and not making a medical judgement.  In our opinion, any amount of these metals in our
     blood is a cause for concern.

     As you can see, the amount of barium in the blood is way above its "normal" limit, while the amount of aluminum is just a little over
     its "normal" limit.  We know that some metals like barium tend to stay in the blood and continue to re-circulate, damaging T-cells and
     causing neurological damage, hypertension, and high blood pressure.  We think the aluminum has probably tended to precipitate out
     of our blood and settle into our tissues.  Aluminum is known to cross the blood-brain barrier quite easily and contribute to early-onset

     We urge you to have your own blood tested. We have found that there's nothing that brings home to one the seriousness of the
     situation like looking at the results of one's very own blood test.