There seems to be a growing number of "experts" who are able to predict the future with the consistent statement that a certain type of disaster or terrorism is certain to happen with no doubt or need for question. How can these experts be so sure of themselves? We often hear the slogan...."It's not a matter of IF but WHEN. I have learned through experience to always question any predicted event when these terms of certainty or absoluteness are attached.

As I was going through my email this morning I came across this one sent from the GRIST list which prompted me to write this article.

It contained this paragraph  "Even after it gained official hurricane status, raking across Jamaica and Cuba and soaking the Bahamas, U.S. weather models predicted that it would spin off into the North Atlantic and peter out, as most such storms do.

But Sandy did something different. After briefly losing steam, it rolled northward along the Eastern Seaboard and then veered left like a car that had just lost a wheel, barreling into the Jersey Shore and pushing storm tides through the streets of New York City. When the skies finally cleared and Wall Street opened back up, at least 159 people were dead, and the storm had caused $65 billion in damages and relocated the city’s rat population."

It's difficult to know what is really happening in New York in the aftermath of Sandy but one wonders if more than the rat population was relocated.

The main focus of the article was centered on the opinion of Nicholas Coch, a professor of geology and an expert on the effects of hurricanes on the ecosystems and who calls himself a forensic hurricanologist. He claims that Hurricane Sandy was not even the "Big one" and predicts with certainty that another perhaps worse hurricane will soon hit New York City. "Sooner or later, Coch says, a major hurricane will barrel up the East Coast and hit New York broadside. Long Island juts out into the Atlantic at a nearly right angle, he points out, and will be the first significant topography a storm like that encounters on its path northward. Manhattan sits right on its heel."

I have been studying some of the tactics of predictive programming and I feel we are seeing a lot of that technique being used on the public to condition them to supposedly inevitable disasters and therefore to accept the disasters as natural and legitimate. For those of you who are unaware of  current weather modification/warfare technology..... you may want to conduct an internet search on this subject. We do have the technology to heat up the ionosphere, move the jet stream, heat up parts of the oceans, steer hurricanes, create droughts and floods....and even earthquakes. So...when you hear all the talk of "global warming" or "climate change (which is it anyway) which seems to be the scapegoat for all our rapid fire weather some analyzing of your own to determine what the real cause of these disasters are. You may also want to research "Agenda 21". which is a global movement to do away with property rights and to garner all the resources, such as food and water, into the hands of the few who may be causing the disasters in the first place.

I wondered if Nicholas Coch, who lectures or advises certain government agencies on hurricanes and preparing for them...... was innocently unaware of weather warfare capabilites as he didn't even mention this possibilty in the article at the link above. The other thought I had was that perhaps he knew with such certainty that there will be another weather strike on NYC because he has some sort of inside information. Always be leary and question when you hear the phrases "Not a matter of IF but when"....or a certain natural disaster is certain to happen....any time now. I was a bit more curious about Nicholas Coch so I looked him up at  and found the only person listed who is associated with him was Carol Coch who the records state works, for the Army Corp of Engineers. I thought that was interesting so I looked up the Army Corp of Engineers to see what this government agency is actually involved with.

In the case of disasters,The Army Corp of Engineers often works together with FEMA in removing debris, relocating people and evidently pushes for land buyouts when people cannot afford to rebuild. They often talk about the cost of building seawalls, dams, levees....etc which  they say will only be knocked out again in the next other words they are promoting the idea that rebuilding is not a good idea. The Army Corp of Engineers tries to encourage rewilding, relocation, and the  buying out of properties...probably cheaply. The article below is very interesting and sheds more light on the subject. What would be the consequences if the government and the U.N owned all of the land? For one thing we could not grow our own food and therefore we would not be able to take responsibility for our own health. 

There are the sincere environmentalists and then there are extreme environmentalists and then we have  those  who claim to care about nature and the environment but are only in it for the profit. From what I have read briefly ....concerning redevelopment or rewilding after looks as if The Army Corp Engineers tries to get community consensus for what is really THEIR plan of action but the people are made to think it is their idea and for the good of all. The rewilding plan of action could be good and useful if these one of a kind superstorms were actually infrequent natural storms and there were no profit or land grab motives behind it all. However, because these storms have a very suspicious MO and seem to occur in key areas, sometimes over and over again as in the summer tornadoes of 2013......we need to question if these disasters are actually implemented by the proponents of Agenda 21. Again the technology is available.

Now....if these storms are artificially engineered ...there are many people who are involved that must be aware of this. However, people are often brainwashed into thinking the that evil deeds that harm others and the earth will eventually produce "good". This is an impossible concept. The Bible is a collection of enduring wisdom. Here is what it shares with us in the chapter of Luke....

Luke 43: "For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Luke 44: For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.
Luke 45: A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil:" 

Weather disasters kill much wildlife , humans, and produce much undocumented leakage of  chemical toxins. It is also a huge financial drain. Who or what....besides our taxes....lends the money for disaster recovery? Think about how the International Monetary Fund is involved in all of this. What happens when countries and cities sustain so much damage that they can no longer pay back their loan to this global loan shark?