by Carole Pellatt

I would like to preface this article by saying that this subject is one that I can’t quantify

scientifically. It’s based strictly on my personal observations. This article is about human nature

and indoctrinated patterns of thought observing a new reality. This new reality contains scientific

anomalies, inconsistencies of physical law, mass manipulation of facts and “scientific” data, and

smoking mirrors to the visual cortex. It is a commentary on how to interpret the weather forecast

and look at the new horizon in this age of heavy metal particulate spraying.


Let’s start with the weather forecast. As I recall from my 4th grade science class, a certain level of

humidity is required for clouds to form. Seeing as I live in one of the driest, most cloudless cities

in the nation, Phoenix Az, cloud formation is, and always was a phenomenon here. When I first

moved to Phoenix in the late 1980’s, the city boasted 325 days of sunshine per year. That’s

approximately 27 days of sunshine every month. Please think about that.

Makes sense, after all, this is the desert and there’s no humidity here. Where do we get our

humidity from? In my last 18 years of diligent observations, the rule was that weather traveled

from the moist West Coast flowing to the east. If there was enough cloud cover, enough rain, and

enough wind and moisture to push a weather system across 365 miles of arid desert to Phoenix,

we would get clouds or sometimes rain. But for the most part, unless California got swamped

with a large enough weather system to make the trek over the mountains without being

dispersed, and we had moisture to the north and south of us, the desert would claim the clouds

and they would disintegrate upon arriving in the city. Rain in Texas meant nothing as far as the

possibility of us receiving rain-until recently.

When I started writing this article, I looked for web sites that mentioned the total number of days

of sunshine per year that Phoenix is currently claiming. It looks like we’re now boasting “almost

300 days of sunshine per year". Somehow that number seems to be dropping. And strangely

enough, the level of humidity hasn’t risen at all. As a matter of fact, 2007 was the hottest summer

on record in Phoenix, and since the year 2000, Phoenix has been setting more records for most

heat and least rainfall than previously recorded. Where are our cloudy days coming from if

there’s no more moisture in the air than there used to be?  I would like to say that I believe

because of the constant aerial spraying, we’re probably down to 200 days of sunshine annually.

It still astounds me when I happen to be listening to NPR (National Public Radio) in the car and

the announcer says,”mostly cloudy in Phoenix, relative humidity 14%.” Seems to me that no one

at NPR was awake during their 4th grade science class.

Not even global warming-a highly convaluded, incorrectly represented, politically motivated,

public-relations darling, can explain away clouds with no humidity, and a weather system that

now tries to move from east to west.

Okay, so we see the lines in the sky and the spraying of heavy metals from the planes. On days

when that’s very obvious we can take photos and hope to convince people of the blatant truth.

Yet still, if the lines are not in the sky, everyone thinks “it’s clear”. They’re not spraying here today.

Have you noticed the blinding silver haze hitting the road, burning the white lines into your brain

every day when you drive? 

Have you noticed that the sun does not reflect through a blue-filtered sky anymore, even on

“clear” days? It’s almost as though everything is in black and white. Have you noticed the silver-

hued horizon everywhere you travel?

On days when we think we are being spared aerial spraying, we are most likely contained within

a dome of silver particulates, a plasma shield, breathing heavy metal particulates and staring into

a silver haze on the horizon.

For people who have accepted air pollution as a necessary evil-something I could never abide-

looking in any direction on most days in the valley would cause you to see the surrounding

mountain ranges obscured by air pollution particulates. If you look on any given day on the

horizon now, you will see those same mountain ranges obscured again, but this time by a grey

silver haze. Please remember, air pollution particluates are not grey/silver, they are brown. When

you see a mountain range obscured by a grey/silver haze, you are drowning in a chemical cloud

above and beyond the “regular” pollution you’ve been conditioned to accept as normal.

This brings me to an interesting dilemma. I have literally hundreds of photos in my galleries, on

my website CHEMTRAILS MATRIX  that show the horrifying results of aerial spraying. After I

posted my last photo essay named Nov 567,-which showed an almost comical amount of

spreading lines, I was innundated with people who wrote to express their horror and

exhasperation. While I was honored that I may have awoken some people with the power of that

essay, I was stunned as to why the earlier photos didn’t cause the same groundswell of response

that this gallery did. I have many photo galleries that show the entire city of Phoenix shrouded in

a silver barium dome. To me, that is more horrifying than the lines in the sky. All I can think of is

our fresh lungs trying to negotiate the metal particluates lodged in these organs and flowing

through our blood streams. And of the lungs of children, babies, and animals.

FORE! You've got to be kidding me!

This  barium dome that most people in the nation, the continent, and the world live under, is the

direct result of the heavy spraying of aerosols into the troposphere. These lines and clouds are

made up of heavy metal particulates,  and some known and unknown substances. The dome is

created as these aerosols fall earthward. These lines may be terrifying in a sci-fi like manner when

they are up in the air, but they are more dangerous to us when they fall. They are in our lungs,

water, food, and soil. And look around everyone, it is happening EVERY day, everywhere.

Because all government agencies-and many others-are complicant in indoctinating us in the new

laws of nature, studying their information can be quite illuminating. You can no longer count on

getting accurate statistics from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA), National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), National

Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and a vast array of other government,

corporate and privately funded organizations that feed the information that filters down to the

public. For instance, the Weather Channel-which is the "Archie" comic of scientific information-

gets their information from NOAA-which actually is overseen by NASA.

Remember, NASA are the people currently refusing to release their new report that reveals that

the incidents of near mid-air collisions between commercial airplanes and last minute runway

take-off and landing re-assignments is twice as high as the FAA  (Federal Aviation

Administration) reported. As an addendum to that scandal, president Bush said he would ask

the military to release more airspace to commercial aircraft so they wouldn't be so crammed

together causing the worst flight delays in the history of flight this year.

So NASA is ultimately responsible for what the cartoon Weather Channel says to us and how they

say it.

Still, if you know a little about the old science we were taught, you can determine when spraying

is likely to happen.

For instance, how do I know what days we will have heavy spraying in Phoenix? I look at the ten

day forecast on the website for “The Weather Channel” and the first thing I look for is cloudy

days in the forecast. When I see those days, I look for what the relative humidity is going to be. If

it’s under 50% (which it is almost always is here), I suspect a spraying day. If they call for clouds

in Phoenix, yet California has no moisture, I suspect they will be spraying. If the forecast says

“low humidiy, chance of sun” I laugh at the revealing language and I know we’re going to be

pelted with heavy metals. If I look up in the sky at 7:00 or 8:00am and I see a jet high in the sky

not following an established flight path, usually followed by a few more,I know I will see fake

clouds coming from the direction they are headed. Also, if it's a windy day, look up-wind on the

horizon and you will see them spraying. They just can't resist spraying on windy days.

I mentioned this in an earlier article,  please look at the symbol for a sunny day on the Weather

Channel. It used to be a sun with a clear outline of the little flames around it. It is now a round

silver-yellow ball with a diffused glow around it. And it's not just the Weather Channel involved

in this collusion. HGTV (Home and Garden TV) is like a stunning travelogue for chemtrails. They

go out of their way to point the camera at the aerosol lines and clouds whenever they show

houses and neighborhoods. Chemtrail graphics are everywhere, from the newly designed sets of

our local news shows to every movie we see. And pharmaceutical companies just love them on

their commercials. I've often wondered what cinematographers think about the new skies, and

why they're silent about it.

It's now time for us to reconnect with our natural instincts. Because many of us, and more of the

younger generations don't read printed books anymore, history, science, and previously factual

records are too easily re-written for electronic media. We need to remember that the Shamans,

Medicine Men, Guides, Healers, and Tribal Leaders, all used and continue to use their natural

instincts to guide them through the universe. And these methods still work. Trust your instincts if

you feel that something is not right with the natural world. But you must be IN the world in

order to observe it. Spend a lot of time outside looking around and looking UP. The universe will

reveal itself to you. And not just the tragedy brought upon us by the power mongers, but the

energy and healing power from within. And keep your immune system strong.

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