WHEREAS, global dimming and persistent jet contrails that produce manmade cirrus clouds, are changing our weather and polluting our air, and

may decrease photosynthesis, thereby reducing crop production;

WHEREAS, geo-engineering weather modification programs, such as aerosols containing aluminum, barium and other heavy metals are harming

the health of our people by degrading our immune systems and polluting our respiratory systems;

WHEREAS, this unauthorized experimentation with our environment is adversely impacting our agricultural crops, tree health, surface water and

soil, robbing us of healthy food, oxygen, and clean water, and threatening the future of our children;

WHEREAS, geo-engineering programs, such as dumping tons of iron into our oceans to create massive algae blooms, which degrade our air and

kill huge numbers of marine wildlife;

WHEREAS, geo-engineering programs, such as HAARP, that use atmospheric heating and electromagnetic pulse technologies, are disrupting our

weather systems, and contributing to sudden massive die-offs of birds, bees and other wildlife;

WHEREAS, we have directly witnessed one or more of these geo-engineering programs, have experienced adverse health effects from them, and

have reviewed the latest material from responsible and knowledgeable researchers and journalists on this subject;

WHEREAS, any so-called “official” explanations of these geo-engineering programs are not satisfactory;

WHEREAS, existing Federal Law, U.S. Code Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520a, prohibits experimentation upon U.S. citizens without informed

consent and permission of each and every person experimented upon;


THEREFORE, we the undersigned demand full disclosure of all geo-engineering programs being perpetrated upon us without our consent;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned demand full accountability for the results of these programs by the perpetrators thereof;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned demand that all discussions of global warming or climate change include these geo-engineering programs;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned demand that all geo-engineering programs be stopped until our consent is given.


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