Thank you for your site.  It was very informative as to the content with regards to Morgellon's.

I never had a problem with chemtrails until November of 2014.  I was running some errands when I noticed that my nose was slightly burning and my eyes were scratchy.  I looked up and noticed that there was a major spraying event that covered the sky.

It was similar to some of the pictures that you have posted.  The one thing that was different is that many of the trails had the poofy look to them.  This told me that they were chembombs.  (I read that somewhere in reference to this type of trail.)

In two days I started to break out in what felt like chigger bites but there was no bite.  The next day the area became inflamed and the day after that I would either find a pin hole scab or I could squeeze the junk out and it would stop itching.  It subsided in 6 weeks.   I did not make the connection at the time.

In the beginning of January, somewhere around the 2nd to the 6th once again there was a major spraying event.  Again in two days I started to break out just like before.  I took note of this event.  It took about 6 weeks for it to subside.

On March 4th, 2015, they did it again.  Two days later I started to break out.  What I noticed was that I found a small lump in the area that itched.  The next day the inflammation occurred and the day after that either I found the small scab or I could squeeze out the stuff, mainly clear liquid.

I went to the store and got myself a cheap Celestron microscope and saw the fibers, etc. just like in your photos.

I wish I had more money so that I could figure out how to minimize the effects or detox these fibers.  That will be a work in progress.  There are no problems only solutions. 

Everything resonates at a certain frequency.  If this frequency can be determined then that could be the answer to either attracting this garbage like a moth to light.  Just saying.

-          Cynthia