?   BLUE  SKY   ?

I am seeing less and less of the real deep lovely clear blue sky anymore.


I asked someone if they had seen the smoke in the sky that looks like some kind of sky-writing, and that someone said, “I have seen the smoke and it is airplanes putting out some kind of smoky chemical that spreads out and stays in the air for a very long time”.


I think I know what a “vapor trail” is. It’s when a fast jet plane, way up high, has a little white trail coming off its wings which disappears almost right away. What then is going on with these smoky trails being let out in our skies? Are there dangerous chemicals in this smoke? Does the smoke (or chemicals) come down in rain?


I found some people the other day who seemed to have some good answers to my questions. Answers like, “We have pictures of airplanes lacing our skies with white smoke-like chemicals”. They also said, “We believe these chemical trails are dangerous to people and plants, as well as cutting out sunlight”. Then they added, “There are people all over North America, in the cities and in the country, who have been collecting rain water which is discolored from the chemical trails”. They said, “We believe these chemicals are killing many trees and plants and are a major cause of people having more and more lung congestion”.


When I asked these people if they had asked the government or the military what was going on with the smoky chemical trails in our skies, they said they had inquired and that they had received answers such as, “what chemical trails?”.


I have seen lots of these smoky chemical trails in the past several months over Arizona skies, and I really miss the crystal blue sky I used to see often.


My big question is: Who are the pilots of the airplanes spreading smoky chemical trails in our skies? Who are the people loading these airplanes with these chemicals? Are their jobs so important that they will obey any order or request from their supervisor or boss, even though they know that what they are doing is probably against the law?


I am a very upset American who would like my blue sky back!  I would like to see these smoky chemical trails stopped IMMEDIATELY!