Independent Analysis of Air and Water Indicates High Levels of Toxins

By Karen Warnick 

    A group of concerned citizens calling themselves, Arizona Sky Watch, has been monitoring the air, water and soil in Arizona and recently released reports that have been quickly picked up and published by other groups nationwide.  Sites all over Arizona and specifically Phoenix have been tested over the last few years and prove the existence of toxic chemicals in extremely high levels.  Many of these chemicals are being attributed to the chemtrail spraying going on worldwide and extensively reported on in this paper.

   The laboratory that did the testing is approved by the Arizona EPA.  Bridget Conroy and her husband Mike Caraway have been monitoring the skies since November of 1998 and have been outspoken in their belief of the aerosol spraying program that the government is doing for purposes of weather modification and weather warfare, 2 of the many theories being discussed as the causes of chemtrails.

   On their website, , Mike says, “Chemtrails have been “proven” to be a hoax by the U.S. Air Force. But you can see in our skies that the "Weather Modification Program" is already in force. U.S. Senate Bill 517 and House Resolution 2995 tried to make it lawful in 2006, but it was never voted into law. In 2007 it has returned as "Weather Mitigation Research" in Senate Bill 1807  and  House Resolution 3445.  This program remains as part of the many related geo-engineering schemes that are operating daily without our consent. The toxic aerosols being sprayed in our air, and the harmful wave energies being propagated through the plasma they create, are being proven daily to be harmful to our health and to all living beings who share our environment. Because of the lack of Environmental Impact Statements and lack of informed consent by each individual who is affected by these operations, I'm sure they are in violation of the law -- U.S. Code, Title 50, Chapter 32c, Section 1520a.”

   Bridget explained to this writer that the amount of these chemicals found in Arizona far exceeds toxic limits, especially aluminum.  Farmers across Arizona and the nation have reported problems in: slow growing crops, slower than normal germination of seeds, dying crops and trees for no apparent reason and other unexplained phenomena.  Aluminum attacks and surrounds the root systems of all plants and trees and is believed to be one of the main causes of trees dying and crop failures.

   The tests have been conducted all over the state, from cities to pristine wilderness areas.  The reports, which can be accessed at their website, indicate toxic levels of aluminum, barium, boron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, silicon, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, chromium, cadmium, and nickel.  The recent air quality tests in Phoenix were conducted the beginning of May of this year.  The air tests were conducted over a 28 day period and show that the level of contaminants in the air is twice what is shown in the water samples.

   Bridget Conroy is a retired educator, former director of sales for Arizona Scenic Tours, and mother of three grown children. She has become very concerned about the daily geo-engineering and chemical contrail operations that she has personally witnessed since November 1998 in Phoenix, Arizona, and has heard of throughout the world.

    In 2006, she helped organize the Agriculture Defense Coalition with Rosalind Peterson of Ukiah, California, which sponsored protest rallies at City Hall in Los Angeles, California in March, 2006, Arizona Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona in April, 2006, November, 2006 helped present an educational forum on Congressional Weather Modification Bills in Portland, Oregon.  She has also presented an educational forum on geo-engineering and chemical contrail operations in Miami, Arizona on February 24, 2007, March 10, 2007 and in Prescott, Arizona on March 10, 2007.

  Bridget has also worked as a moderator on the PAC-PC (People Against Chemtrails, Phoenix Chapter) website for several years, and as a co-moderator on the Chemtrail Tracking and Strange Animal Deaths websites from time to time. She is currently moderating, with her husband, a new educational website about geo-engineering and chemical contrail operations called