Wine/Grape Juice Mouth “Test” For Morgellons

History, Clarifications, and Important Update
Gwen Scott, N.D

Well over a year ago I had a bad toothache. The pain was getting to be more than I could handle, so I went into prayer, asking for help. The answer was immediate and clear. Wash your mouth with red wine. It seemed odd to me, but I did it. When I spit into the sink (white,) I couldn’t believe my eyes. In the sink were hundreds of “fibers.” I called Clifford Carnicom ( and asked him to come quickly with a camera. The photos he took are posted on his website under the Morgellons research section.

Not soon after a gentleman contacted us and told us he was a recovering alcoholic and didn’t want to put any alcohol in his mouth. He wanted to know if there was another agent that would work. I tested most brands of conventional and organic grape juice as it seemed the most logical possibility. The conventional grape juices produced almost nothing. All had one, or more, additives. Also, the grapes had been sprayed. However, when I tested the organic juices, I started to see some real results. Some produced more “fibers” than others, but all generated good results. Currently, Knudsen’s Just Concord seems to be the best, but that could change.

It is very important to note that organic grape juice “pulls” many more “fibers” than does red wine. Both work, but the juice is much more effective.

We called it a “test” so that everyone, in the privacy of their own homes, could see if they had “Morgellons disease.” Everyone Clifford and I asked to swish their mouths produced “fibers.” We found that vigorous swishing for about 10-15 seconds at least 8-10 times always produced “fibers.”

It became clear to me at this time that the “test” was actually a pretty good therapy for getting rid of these unwanted “fibers.” I began to do this therapy with the grape juice twice a day and have continued to this moment in time…and I still produce enormous amounts of material. In fact, as time goes on, production increases as I continue to break down the “network” in my mouth, chin, gums, face, sinuses, nose, neck etc. It seems to draw, through the mouth, from all of these areas.

I do not myself, nor do I recommend, adding anything to the grape juice. Some additives will dilute its effectiveness, while others are aggressive and can upset the balance of good bacteria in your mouth.

After the therapy it is very important to wash your mouth thoroughly. I rinse at least three or four times with water, I scrape my tongue at least twice (you will find debris clinging to the tongue,) and finally rinse again with colloidal silver. I keep rinsing until I see nothing at all (small seeds, mature or immature “fibers,” etc.)


This brings me to a very important observation. It isn’t just mature “fibers” you can see when you spit the grape juice (it should be white: sink, bowl, etc.) If you look closely (microscope work is best, but you can use a magnifying glass,) you will see very small black “seeds,” immature, or very small “fibers,” partially mature, fully mature, as well as “clumps,” or masses of adult fibers, clinging together. It seems to me this will provide a very good sample of the many stages of development these pseudo-life-forms go through for the interested scientist.

I have also noticed that with the “fibers,” we are extracting saliva, polymers, and grape juice. The polymer is slippery, has small iridescent bubbles, and is the medium that carries the fibers up and out of the gums and teeth. Every time I do the therapy I see the self-replicating polymer (see previous update paper,) come out with the “fiber” material. They are interconnected. It may be that the “fibers” use this material to self-replicate, or reproduce. We have seen their “plastic” nature under the microscope many times. So, this therapy also seems to off-load the polymer as well which is good…we don’t need it in our blood, organs, etc.

I am pulling them out of my arms (see first paper) everyday and am able to closely observe their behavior. They are very tough, magnetic, and feel “plastic.” We also know from Mr. Carnicom’s work that these “fibers” have an internal filament that carries pathogens. Most of the fibers appear dark on my arms, but lately I have also observed clear, white “fibers” as well. They have the same behavior and shape as the dark ones, but appear as natural hair. 

I have looked at the hair on the arms of my friends and clients and we find the same fiber optic looking “hairs” on everybody. Dr. Mike Castle says they may serve as a “sending and receiving” system. He says tests with “Morgellons” patients indicate a common frequency, similar to that of a radio telescope. Obviously, more research on this whole complex syndrome is needed.

A new and important finding: in my first paper I mention Dr. John Milewski’s work with magnetite and water. I have been studying the effects of the magnetized water on myself as well as my plants. My plants are responding unbelievably well. All are growing and flowering beyond expectation. My body is detoxifying much faster. Read Dr. Milewski’s findings ( for the scientific data and where to get the best magnetite.


Recently Dr. Mike Castle suggested putting the grape juice on the magnetite in the same manner as the water ( leaving it on the magnetite for three days, spinning clockwise once a day.) I did this and then did my mouth swishing therapy. It doubled, at least, the production of fibers and polymer. Since the fibers are magnetic, perhaps they are drawn towards the magnetic water and grape juice. Dr. Castle and Dr. Milewski recommend drinking the magnetized grape juice as an “energy drink” as well. Makes perfect sense as we know these “fibers” are not just in our head region, but systemic (see blood work on

Please share this information with everyone, particularly your health care practitioner and your dentist.  

I will update you as new information comes to Light.